width: 450 mm.
height: 1100 mm.
depth: 450 mm.
weight: 23,6 Kg



Physical characteristics:
width: 450 mm.
height: 260 mm.
depth: 450 mm.
weight: 8,6 Kg


The ACOUSTIC WAVE device is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. It features a 5.7” colour graphic display that, combined with touch-screen technology, provides easy access to the various applications that can be set. The icon-based interface and the graphic animations guide the operator step-by-step, hence the programming procedure is significantly simplified. The treatment using ACOUSTIC WAVE is based on a highly innovative technology (Pulse Wave) that uses vibrating acoustic waves generated by means of an electromagnet and not with compressed air, like traditional devices. The pressing pulses which are generated press the treated tissue, breaking the structure of fat molecules, and reduce localised fat (effectively fighting cellulite). They also allow an improvement of the biomechanical properties of the skin and, consequently, an increase in skin suppleness.

The acoustic wave is generated through the handpiece, inside of which there is a barrel where "the bullet" travels once it is launched by means of an electromagnet. This bullet ends its travel against the beating head, thus generating an acoustic (or sound) wave which propagates from the point of contact with the skin down to the deepest layers. The high-energy acoustic waves introduced in the body in the form of highfrequency oscillations result in an effective and long-lasting treatment against stage I, II and III cellulite (PEFS) and in perfect muscle tone.

The innovative Pulse Wave technology employed by the ACOUSTIC WAVE device generates unique and innovative pulse shock waves using a bullet that is 5 times heavier compared to standard compressed air systems, and a lower final impact speed with the beating head. Thanks to a longer pulse rise time, the same energy can be generated while avoiding uncomfortable pressure peaks. The lower pressure peak and the longer pulse rising time make it possible to reduce the discomfort and pain usually associated with this type of treatment.

With its vigorous tapping massage, ACOUSTIC WAVE propagates sound waves in the treated area, releasing and transferring their energy to the fat cells. This release of energy stimulates the tissues and encourages the production of elastin and collagen, thus firming the skin tissue. Moreover, with the consequent increase in blood flow and stimulation of the lymphatic system, the treatment causes the elimination of toxins and of water retention, generating a lipolytic process. After the treatment, the skin and the connective tissue appear firmer and more toned, with a newfound natural suppleness and, at the same time, a visible and long-lasting improvement of rough skin.


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